OTFY Families

Dear One Thing for Youth Families,

We’re excited to announce a new and very different fundraising opportunity that we’re running in conjunction with our annual ONETHINGathon.  This is another fun, simple way that will help directly impact your teams and player expenses (and you can CRUSH it simply by sharing our custom web page with friends, family and social connections…more on that in a bit).



A Luxx Linens™ Bed Sheet Fundraiser!

Luxx Linens™, founded by Mark & Pam Babcock (Ethan 11U Dawgs Red & Kyle 16U Jackets), helps schools, teams, clubs, churches, community groups, non-profits and other organizations and individuals organize simple, fun and profitable fundraising events offering high quality, in-demand products that everybody needs at affordable prices.

With this fundraiser our families, friends and supporters have the ability to purchase/sell high quality 1800 thread count bed sheet sets (which everybody needs!).  They are just $39.95 per set and are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King in 15 colors.  Each set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases (Twin has 1 pillowcase).  They also offer pillowcase sets in King and Standard size in all 15 colors for just $14.95.  For more information visit the One Thing For Youth Bed Sheet Fundraiser page at http://onethingforyouth.luxxlinens.com

And what’s even better – you don’t have to go out and sell if you don’t want to.  Simply refer people to our very own One Thing For Youth Bed Sheet Fundraiser Page online to purchase!



It starts IMMEDIATELY and runs through November 16, 2016.

At that time, we will shut off website orders and collect order forms from players/families.  Orders will then be processed and available for pick-up at the ONETHINGathon event on November 19.

Order forms and payments for offline orders MUST be turned in by November 16th.   You can drop them off at the office, the indoor facility, or the barn – and we’ll collect them from there.  Alternatively, you can call Mark or Pam Babcock directly (contact info below) and they will come get them or make arrangements to meet you to collect your orders.



For each sale, One Thing For Youth keeps an industry leading (and exclusive for OTFY) $16.50 for each set of bedsheets sold and $4.50 for each set of pillowcases sold!!!

OUR GOAL over the next 12 days is to raise 12% or $12,000 (just $1,000 a day) selling Luxx Linens™ Bed Sheets to apply toward the ONETHINGathon Goal of $100,000.

If EACH of our players/families purchase and/or sell JUST 4 SETS OF SHEETS, WE WILL EXCEED OUR GOAL! 

But I’m confident we can do MUCH better – a High School Baseball team in Alabama with just 50 players on the roster raised over $54,000 in less than 2 weeks last year.  Our One Thing For Youth Family (Jackets/Dawgs) includes more than 215 players/families.



Sales will be tracked by team, and with each set of bedsheets or pillowcases sold, your teams and player expenses are directly impacted.  The more we sell, the more we reduce our teams and player expenses and the more the organization and our families benefit!

This is all about the boys, our teams and families, and the many exciting opportunities we have for the future of One Thing For Youth! 


!!!  PRIZES  !!!

Prizes make things more fun…and our boys love to COMPETE, so Luxx Linens™, in conjunction with Dunn Right Sports, is contributing the following PRIZES:


TOP SELLING TEAM’S COACHES:  A $100 Gift Certificate to Dunn Right Sports (Total of 2 Gift Certificates)

PLAYER REFERRING THE MOST ORDERS TO THE WEBSITE:  A $50 Gift Certificate to Dunn Right Sports

ALL PLAYERS WHO MEET THE GOAL OF SELLING 4 SETS OF SHEETS:  Entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Certificate to Dunn Right Sports.


It’s super simple.  There are two ways:

  • OFFLINE – Use the flyer and order forms to place/take orders and pay by cash or check, payable to ONE THING FOR YOUTH.


  • ONLINE – Order from and send people to the One Thing For Youth Online Fundraising Page at http://onethingforyouth.luxxlinens.com between NOW and midnight NOVEMBER 16th. Online orders can be paid by PayPal or credit card (through PayPal, but no PayPal account is required).

Everyone LOVES these sheets (and they make great gifts).  Be sure to send the OTFY BED SHEET FUNDRAISING PAGE link to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, and share to your social networks often. 

To share socially, simply simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the icon for the social network you wish to share to, then post it!  The more we share, the more our organization, teams, players and families will benefit!


                                                     WHERE CAN I GET THE FLYERS & ORDER FORMS?

Flyers and order forms are attached.

They are also available to download and print from the OTFY Bed Sheet Fundraiser Page at http://onethingforyouth.luxxlinens.com/resources/

They will also be available to pick-up at the office, the indoor facility, the Barn/Jackets Field and Dawgs Field at Scottsdale Farms (a box will be in the 1st base dugout) beginning Saturday, November 5. 

There are also SAMPLE SWATCHES available for you to take and use when selling the sheets at each location.  We strongly suggest you get and use these, as having them available for people to “see, touch and feel” typically increases sales by 2-3 times.

TEAM AMBASSADORS & COACHES – please contact Mark or Pam directly to make arrangements to get flyers, order forms and sample swatches for your team.  We can come meet you/your team at practices and games over the next several days and distribute flyers, order forms and sample swatches, and answer questions for your team.



There are two ways:

  • ORGANIZATION PICK-UP/DELIVERY – If you take and/or place an order OFFLINE for yourself, friends, family, co-workers, etc…using the Order Form, you will turn them in on November 16th. These orders will be processed and AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP on November 19th at the ONETHINGathon event.
  • FLAT RATE – If you refer people to or place your order on the website, you will be able to choose Organization Pick-Up/Delivery (FREE) OR Flat Rate Shipping ($14.95 first set of sheets/$5.95 each additional set). Orders shipped FLAT RATE will be shipped USPS directly to the address provided on Monday, November 21st (after ONETHINGathon).


Contact Luxx Linens™:

Toll Free:             1-855-980-5899 (LUXX)                 luxxlinens@gmail.com

Contact Mark or Pam Babcock Directly:

Mark                     770-656-7446                                     mark.k.babcock@gmail.com
Pam                       770-656-7447                                     pamlbabcock@gmail.com


Go Dawgs & Jackets!

Ryan Dunn & Jeff Auterson

Executive Board

One Thing for Youth Ministries